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With over 20 years of industry experience, Cemgate specialise in the supply, mixing and delivery of Concrete and Screed.

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Cemgate Concrete, Screed & Aggregate

Screed mixed on site

Screed Mixed on Site

Similar to our concrete, we also mix Screed on-site. We offer a wide catchment area throughout London, Berkshire, Surrey, Middlesex as well as Oxford, Reading, and High Wycombe. An experienced operator will arrive on site and dispatch the screed at your designated point.

With a variety of Admix options, and the ability to adjust mix design on-site, this provides the customer with an efficient solution to their requirements.

Using specialist chemicals, such as Retarder, results in the Screed remaining workable for up to 12hrs after delivery.

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Highly experienced in the concrete industry as domestic and commercial concrete suppliers.


We cover the West London area including Middlesex, Berkshire and Surrey as well as Oxford, Reading, and High Wycombe.


Volumetric concrete mixers mean virtually no waste, you only use what you need.